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RS200 Racing Circuit Yorkshire Dales SC

  • Crewsaver EOS Champs
  • 2012 RS EOS Champs
  • Llandegfedd Open 2013
  • RS 10th Anniversary Ball
  • RS200 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • RS200 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018

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Upto 25 Boats arrived at Yorkshire Dales on day 1 for Mike Saul Dinghy Services RS200 open event. Force 5 winds from the sw was a delight to see but increasing all the time. It was a good clean start for the 20 that made the start line and with a long beat of almost half a mile, David and Jane Hivey had a good lead of a dozen boat lenths over Phil and Naomi Smith, Chris and Laura Pickles. Chris opted to gybe early into pressure and caught the leader up at the gate. David finished 1st followed by a capsize just over the line. Chris 2nd followed by an improving Martin Penty and Steve Hanby.

I missed race 2 but heard that the squall that blew through was knocking them over like skittles. Martin finnished 1st. Patrick Altoft and Deborah Greenland 2nd and Chris 3rd.

During lunch the wind increased with driving rain. Enough to blow Martin and Barbara Smiths boat into the water with the trolley still attached.

Race 3 and another good start for David and Jane. This time closly followed by Barrie and Harriet Thornton, Wayne Fletcher and Matt. The down wind leg and next beat didnt see much change in the field until the leaders rounded the windward mark when force 7 gusts and more blew through. 5 out of the leading group capsized. Chris/Laura and Ian Pitford/Karen Falconic held their gybes to take the lead. It was a case of who could recover 1st from the rest of the fleet. On the final down wind leg, Chris took 3 or 4 attempts to gybe but ended up swiming. Ian who gybed earlier into the middle had no problems and sailed through for a win. Chris recovered and sneaked into 2nd place as Waynes final drop went under the bow to finish 3rd.

Day 2 and not much wind as was forcast. from the sw again and expected to go around to the east.

Race 4 had a slightly shorter 1st leg to the windward mark and it was again very close. Martin & Steve was there to lead the fleet which they held for 1st place. Wayne & Matt followed for a 2nd  and Keith & Anne were closing all the time for 3rd. 

Race 5 was a bit of allsorts as the wind decided to change directions some 90 degrees through the race. Barrie & Harriet clinches 1st spot. Chris & Laura second and 3rd went to Andrew Hartley.

The od sent the crews in for lunch while a new course was set but the wind wouldnt settle for the final race. So race was cancelled.

The overall results showed that Chris and Laura Pickles from Yorkshire Dales sc won with good constant results. Martin Penty and Steve Hanby, Beaver sc only a point behind in 2nd and David and Jane Hivey, West Lancashire sc 3rs place.   

Thanks were said to Mike Saul and for putting Yorkshire dales back on the map again. A round of applause for the escort boat drivers and crews who worked so hard on day 1 and to the galley for non stop food and drinks.    

1stChris PicklesLaura PicklesYorkshire Dales SCRS20012962.03.02.0(10.0) 2ndMartin PentySteve HanbyBeaver SCRS20011903. 3rdDavid HiveyJane HiveyWest Lancashire SCRS20013231.05.04.0(12.0) 4thPatrick AltofhDeborah GreenlandRipon SCRS20010825. 5thPhil SmithNaomi SmithBassenthwaite SCRS20013694.04.08.0(14.0) 6thAndrew Hartley Ripon SCRS20010206.07.0(22.0 DNC) 7thKeith EscrittAnne SaulYorkshire Dales SCRS2008769.08.0(10.0) 8thPete VincentTessa NichollsBristol Corinthian YCRS20013017.0(12.0) 9thMartin SmithBarbara SmithDelph / YDSCRS20010688.09.0(22.0 DNC) 10thBarrie ThorntonHarriet ThorntonScaling Dam SCRS200109110.010.0(22.0 DNC) 11thIan PickardKaren FalconicRYARS200116511. 12thWayne FletcherMatt RS2001015(22.0 DNC)22.0 DNC3. 13thAndy smithRob SmithBass SCRS200100312.0(22.0 DNC) 14thAdam McGovernLucy HodgewsHollingworth Lake SCRS200132413.06.0(22.0 DNC) 15thJames PentyPippa FletcherBeaver SCRS200450(22.0 DNF)22.0 DNC22.0 DNC5. 16thTim LittlerOliver McKinneyCraven SCRS20049716.013.011.0(20.0) 17thMathew SharmanJustine DaviesDelph SCRS200498(22.0 DNF)22.0 DNC22.0 DNC4. 18thAlex OystonMeg FletcherScaling Dam SCRS20086714.0(22.0 DNC)22.0 DNC16. 19thClive HarriesJonathan HarriesYorkshire Dales SCRS2001118(22.0 DNF)14.022.0 DNC19. 20thJames LawtonSarah Winterbottom RS20053415.0(22.0 DNC)22.0 DNC18. 21stRichard WhitleyAnnabelle BanhamRipon SCRS200614(22.0 DNF)22.0 DNC22.0 DNC22.0 DNC22.0 DNC110.088.0
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