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Beer Report, Results and Photos!

Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet smell of sea salty happiness given off by the amazing coverage of Rooster RS800 National Tour event number five at Beer SC last weekend

It’s all here

Great report by Chris Feibusch accompanied by smashing photos by Stewart Aplin

Also up on Y&Y here

See the Rooster RS800 National Tour latest results here: Rooster RS800 National Tour latest results here

We’re counting down to the RS800 Nationals at the RS Games… 16-19 August…

VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: Sat 18 Aug RS Championship party with Steel Strum is optional fancy dress with the theme of  "RS" ie wear something starting with an "R" or an "S" like a robin, robber, rubix cube or sumo wrestler, snake, sailor (not in a dirty wetsuit thank you!), superstar etc.  Feel free to join in or not!

All the info is here

Happy RS800 sailing!  #RSGamesAreComing #RoosterKit #InYourElement




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