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05/08/2014 09:26:10

Pete Perera
Posts: 1
Can anyone fill me in on the latest rules on set up in the boat. 
2 girls sailing together,  I believe the crew can take the main off the boom,
Boy helm, Girl crew, traditional set up with the helm playing the main.
What about girl helm, boy crew, can the crew take the main off the boom?
Talking to a few younger teams at the 49er and 49er FX nationals, there are a few talking about 800s with a girl skipper set up and all saying if the crew could take the main that would be helpful. 
I also coach the 29ers where there is a similar discussion about the 8.
Has this been discussed before, what are peoples thoughts?

05/08/2014 10:51:01

Derek Buchanan
Posts: 47
This is a topic that has been discussed by the fleet on many and occassion and will no doubt raise it's head every year from now to infinity. The sheeting arrangement is what makes the 8 different to other boats and allows the helm crew gender mix and skills mix we get compared to for example the Fx and 49er.
The main off the boom set-up was ONLY a temporary dispensation for all girl teams using the boat in advance of the Olympic Girls skiff trials.
The boat should be sailed in it's standard set up of which there are 3 approved options all of which include the helm taking the mainsheet:
4:1 main sht off the deck
5:1 main sht off the deck
main sht off the transom led to the deck and taken by the hel(twin tillers) 
The loads on the main can seem high initially but this is usually down to technique and with a little practice they are very manageable.  The practice usually involves realising that you need more kicker and cleating the main rather than holding on to it tightly.
There are several girl helms all of whome cope with the sheet loads in any one of the 3 set ups.

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