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    Weir Wood RS 200 Open 2014.


    Weir Wood hosted its annual RS 200 Open on Sunday 13th July. The wind mostly cooperated with a 5 to 10 knot westerly that shifted between South West and North West throughout the day. The wind direction allowed Race Officers Dave Binding and Peter Clifton to set a windward/leeward course along the length of the reservoir.


    The wind was very light for the first start and those carrying extra weight soon made their way to the back of the fleet. Nick and Juliet Charles from Datchet soon showed their credentials by starting on what turned out to be the less favoured end of the line but leading around the first windward buoy. They were closely followed by Julian Bradley and Helen Cafferata from the Welsh Harp who pushed Charles all the way but had to settle for second place.


    The wind remained light for the start of race two but picked up to allow some hiking for the lighter crews. The pin end of the line turned out to be favoured as the wind filled and shifted to the south leaving David and Emily Giles from Weir Wood and Charles well clear of the rest of the fleet. Charles rounded the windward buoy first and this time it was Giles’s turn push Charles but as in the first race Charles hung on to take the win.


    Although the wind had filled in after lunch it had become shiftier making it harder for the Race officers to set a square line and a true windward leg. Race 3 saw Giles lead for the first lap but allowed Charles to pass on lap two who went on to win.


    With three wins Charles had won the meeting, but the minor places were still up for grabs. Shortly after the start to race 4 the wind shifted North which created a fetch/reach type of course and made overtaking difficult. Jo Field and Lizzy Peacock from Bartley sailing club gained the lead and were comfortably able to hold back Will Taylor and Fiona Mulchay from the Alton Sports Centre.


    The final race win gave Field second overall with Giles having to settle for third. In the “spot” prizes the youth prize went to Will Taylor, The Master Prize to Martin Pascoe and the Lady’s prize to Helen Cafferata. Finally the endeavour prise went to David and Miriam Ramshaw.      

    N Charles J Charles 1458 1 1 1 11 3 1st
    J Field L Peacock 825 8 3 3 1 7 2nd
    D Giles E Giles 1299 6 2 2 3 7 3rd
    W Taylor F Muldray 626 3 8 5 2 10 4th
    J Bradley H Cafferata 1263 2 4 6 11 12 5th
    M Pascoe K Payne 488 7 5 11 4 16 6th
    M Chapman L Ratcliffe 1511 5 7 4 11 16 7th
    D Jessop C Michelmore 1347 4 6 11 11 21 8th
    D Ramshaw M Ramshaw 613 9 10 7 5 21 9th
    T Goodley J Killbrick 482 11 9 11 11 31 10th
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