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HISC RS Sailing Summer Champs This Weekend

Great forecast for this weekend's massive jamboree at HISC - the RS Sailing Summer Championships.

Please note that, as stated on the website, entry was limited to 240 boats and we will be sailing on 3 courses if we get 200+ boats by the cut-off date of 17 May (to allow HISC time to organise themselves). We did not get 200+ boats by this cut-off date, so we will be sailing on 2 courses, with the RS500s and RS300s starting together. The SIs are available on site.

With the excellent forecast we have received loads of late entries, and at 14/6/17, we are at 185 entries. With 2 courses, we do not want to go over 200 entries, so entry will close at midnight on Thursday 15/6/17, or at 200 boats, whichever arrives first.

There will be no entries allowed on the day.

Entry form, entry list, SIs, etc. at http://www.rs400.org/championships/mindex.asp?eid=1430

See you there!


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