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French National Championship

Photos: Christophe le Bohec, ANC Quiberon
RS800 French Nationals, ASN Quiberon 6-8 may 2017
Very welcoming atmosphere at Quiberon Breizhskiff event as every year at ASN Quiberon sailing club! A fantastic event located in the same bay as the very well known YC Carnac, host of 2018 RS800 European Championships in May 2018. 
A record entry this year, counting up to 106 boats including open bics, dinghies and skiffs. For the RS800 French fleet, it was a +60 skiffs event with not less than 8 RS800. Hoping more for next year as a few teams were missing this year!
A solid 3 days racing with really varied conditions between 6 and 18 knots, with no rain and sun mainly!  With the best competitors of the Breizhskiff circuit present plus some really good French 29er squad teams ready to fight, it was always going to be a hard one to win. 
After day one and 3 races in a 14-18 knts on flat water, Gilles and Maïwenn secure the best 800 results with 3 x third places. Julien Antier and Boris Fritsch, former RS800 team now racing in I14, build a solid 5-6-12 result when the British/French team of Mark Johnson and Leo Deregnieaux, generally efficient in high wind, seem long to wake up with a still correct 7-12-2. 
The second day saw a large sun with a small breeze of 8-11 knts. 2 classic races allowed Mark/Léo and Axel/François to show nice speeds and tactics. We were then ready for the biggest part of the day: A long distance of 1h40 to the Teignouse headlight - the name of the event, and gate of the magnificient Quiberon's bay! Intensity and tactic skills were needed to take the lead on a very interesting racecourse. Close battle until the end of the last beat allowed Mark/Léo to win from Gilles/Maiwenn, with a surprising comeback of Morgann/Theo who had made an opposite option on the last beat. After those 3 races, everyone was tired but with Oysters as starter, the competitors meal had no other option than to be a really nice moment in the club before to see usual volunteers of the club give the dancefloor great actions!
Last day was even lighter wind with no more than 8 knots, closer to 4-6 knts. 2 races with turning wind allowed Gilles/Maiwenn to finish before Mark/Leo on both races, but it was not enough to take the lead inside the RS800 battle, even less at the general results.
Final results showed a good 29er squad team win in front of Cadre brothers in B14, already second in Lac du Der. A fireball is third and Mark/Leo are 4th. So we can confirm 2017 RS800 French National champions are Mark Johnson and Leo Deregnieaux, from CN Arradon and YC Carnac! Congratulations!
The season will continue this spring/summer for the french RS800s but everybody is already thinking about next year European in Carnac in May 2018 where we hope to get the largest French attendance to an RS800 European Championship! We hope to see all of you in the largest fleet, and the more international fleet we can do at this occasion!
Gilles Peeters
RS800 General Sail Name Club Points Total   R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
Ranking Ranking Number                            
1 4 981 JOHNSON Mark CN Arradon 67 104   7 12 2 1 9 23 37 13
      DEREGNIEAUX Leo YC Carnac                      
2 5 1218 PEETERS Gilles YC Carnac 70 94   3 3 3 13 22 24 16 10
      HERMINE Maiwenn YC Carnac                      
3 8 822 ANTIER Julien FOL55 Lac du Der 78 115   5 6 12 17 3 37 18 17
      FRITSCH Boris CNBPP La Baule                      
4 30 1119 NICOLEAU Axel SNLTA 198 266   26 11 17 31 5 40 DNC DNC
      VAUVRAY Francois CRNG Granville                      
5 34 843 LEMOINE Florent SN Larmor Plage 239 307   29 16 68 28 33 47 45 41
      DELAGE Simon SNBSM Saint Malo                      
6 39 841 BLAYO Morgann YC Carnac 262 330   DNF 45 34 54 38 35 20 36
      DUMONT Theophile YC Carnac                      
7 42 1130 FOREMAN Lizzy SN Larmor Plage 279 326   32 40 39 42 45 46 47 35
      MAUSY Florian SN Larmor Plage                      
8 58 1063 POURLIER Yannick YC Carnac 407 475   48 DNF DNF 49 52 54 DNC DNC
      DESDEVIESE Yann CVAN Mazerolles                      
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