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Emergence of Season Championships

    Well done to all the hardy RS Sailors who braved the elements to compete at the Emergence of Seasons Championship this weekend at Queen Mary Sailing Club.

    Congratulations to RS pursuit race winner Richard Smith in his RS600!

    Well done to Emergence of Seasons:

    RS100 Champion Simon Geyman,

    RS200 Champions Maria Stanley and Rob Henderson,

    RS400 Champions Jon Heissig and Nicky Griffin,

    RS500 Champions Peter Curtis and Sarah Humphrey,

    RS600 Champion Richard Smith,

    RS800 Champions Joe Joyner and Will Broom.

    Congratulations to RS700 Inland Champion Richard Wadsworth!

    Sailors from the RS100, RS200, RS400, RS500, RS600, RS700 and RS800 fleets battled both extreme cold and extreme wind fleet racing on Saturday before warming themselves up by partying to the brilliant Chameleon band.  On Sunday it was the RS pursuit race. 

    RS400 event report by Matt Sheahan below and on Y&Y here

    RS800 event report by Ralph Singleton below the RS400 report and on Y&Y here

    Photos thanks to QMSC member Paul Stainsby

    Looking forward to seeing you at the RS Games launch party at 1700hrs on Saturday at the Dinghy Show!

    RS400 Emergence of Seasons Championship at Queen Mary SC 24-25 Feb 2018

    There are two things that can make the day feel punchier than the evidence at hand – rain and cold.  For the Emergence of Season event at Queen Mary SC we had none of the first and plenty of the second.  In fact, so much so that this particular weekend regatta felt like no other and delivered a final results sheet that had more letters than numbers in the matrix.

    For those of us not blessed with the skills to run with the big dogs at the front of the fleet,  taking a belligerent approach in what became a game of last-man-standing could see you rocket up the rankings and into ‘Team Hardcore’ as effectively as winning a gamble on banging a corner.

    The evidence for a challenging weekend of weather had been there from the start with a brisk and biting Easterly featured in all of the forecasts.  But, as the 24 boat fleet rigged in the dinghy park, wall to wall sunshine and an offshore breeze that masked the true pressure in the gusts, acted as a convenient camouflage for the real conditions.

    Even as the fleet sailed out to the start area on the far side of the reservoir things didn’t feel that bad.  But it didn’t last long.

    When the gusts did come, they were frequently well into the twenties and with an air temperature of just 5 degrees at best and the water barely any warmer, when the wind and waves struck it was frequently a breath taking experience. 

    In the first of three races Jon Gorringe and Emma McEwen (1469) took the first bullet of the day with James Downer and Jon Price (1385) taking second, while local QM rock stars Francesco and Teresa Lobato (1215) came third.

    Race two saw the trio simply shuffle the order in which they finished with Downer and Price taking the win. But the real action was happening behind as the weather started to take its toll.

    As the breeze built throughout the afternoon it did so in chunks with gusts that arrived as if someone had unexpectedly opened a door at the top of the course.  There were plenty who tripped up in the process, including a number of hot shots and found themselves swimming.  All of which made the next upwind leg feel more like an arctic expedition than a race, forcing plenty of retirements.

    Race three saw the fleet halved in size, but the casualties at the corners of the course remained. With the breeze now at its strongest and crews flagging, simply completing the course was now the goal.

    Jon Gorringe and Emma McEwen gybed early and avoided the monster gust on the third run which removed Downer and Price from the race.  Jon Hessig and Nicky Griffin (1454) took second with Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon (1377) in third.

    With just six boats finishing the final race of the day, the weather had won another round.

    But there’s nothing quite like an evening in the bar to re-set your naivety/bravery despite sailing kit that’s unlikely to dry overnight and a weather forecast for Sunday that looked exactly like Saturday’s.  Nevertheless, the most popular reasons for remaining upbeat, aside from the evening’s Dutch courage and warm, dry clothing, was that Sunday’s race would consist of a single pursuit race in bright sunshine and flat(ish) water.  Both of which turned out to be true.

    But what many hadn’t factored in were the face freezing, two sail reaches around the perimeter of the reservoir.  The first available opportunity to tack onto starboard and change hands, irrespective of the wind direction, seemed popular in one corner of the course. 

    As it turned out the wind wasn’t quite so strong, but only by a knot or two in the gusts.  Midway through the two hour race the weather had once again taken a few scalps and a few more letters appeared on the scoreboard.

    But among those plugging on and having found their mojo in the final race on Saturday, Heissig and Griffin went on to win the double points race on Sunday.  Behind them Cleary and Nixon took third with the Lobatos finishing fifth, results that delivered the final podium places for the event.

    Despite the cold, some of the downwind legs were electric in a weekend of well organised racing that gets better in hindsight each time you describe how brave you really were.

    By Matt Sheahan (RS400 1435)

    RS800 Emergence of Seasons Championship at Queen Mary SC 24-25 Feb 2018

    With Winter approaching EOS championships were a chilly affair which may explain why numbers were down a little. Having had to cancel the End of Season Championships last year due to lack of water,  Queen Mary S C bravely offered to re-run the event last weekend just as storm Emma  (otherwise known as the Beast from the east) was approaching with a bucket load of snow.  In the end the temperature was mild 4 degrees C but with a wind chill of minus 6 it was on the cold side of freezing.  The class Co Chair Luke McEwen had the best long range forecast having planned a knee operation which left him as a spectator for the weekend. Rumour has it he will be up and about for Rutland next month. He did send his Co Chair Emma out in an  RS400 just to maintain fitness ahead of that event and with Jon Gorringe.  They dominated Saturday with a 1,3,1 in the RS400 fleet.  Not sure about Sunday but possibly Luke took pity on Emma as they did not take part in the Pursuit race.

    The wind was blowing a healthy force 4-5 possibly gusting 6 but from the East.  Your correspondent is normally crewed by his daughter Sophie who must have read the same forecast as Luke and made herself unavailable.  Therefore yours truly had his son Ollie on board for the first time in at least 5 years.  A brave man indeed!  Having seen the RS700s off first Ralph decided that this was a day for those famous port-end flyers and comfortably crossed the fleet.  Having not sailed together for a long period a conservative approach was called for if he wanted to keep his crew out for three races.  Having waved Joe and Will through together with Zach and Max up the first beat it was time to test Ollie out downwind. Again no problems so back to chasing the youngsters.  The art of windy cold sailing is to keep the mast out of the water.  Unfortunately the rest of the fleet didn’t quite have the 50 years’ experience leaving the Singletons to take the first bullet, with Joe and Will second, and Zach and Max third.  Race 2 was much the same with the Singletons again completing a port tack flyer with Joe and Will in hot pursuit. Having waved them through again this time they did manage to keep the mast dry to take first place with the Singletons second and the Moss duo in third.  Race 3 had become a war of attrition. The Singletons again started on port this time just ducking Joe and Will.  However after one too many swims they decided to preserve their energy for Sunday leaving the old man of the fleet to take his second bullet with Cameron and Darrol bravely finishing 2nd.  In the end only 19 of the 63 boats competing across all the classes completed 3 races on the Saturday due to the cold conditions and the Singletons lead the RS800 fleet overnight purely on the basis that they were the only boat to keep the big tall pointy thing vertical!  Ollie was also more than pleased that his 5mm wetsuit was still dry as were his 2 pairs of wetsuit socks.

    Sunday dawned with almost the same conditions, perhaps a bit lighter across the day but not much in it.  The day involved an all in pursuit race which counted double.  This meant that the Singletons still needed to win it to win the event.  However Joe and Will sailed a blinder to take the win and the event overall.  The course had too many two sail reaches to be ideal for the RS800 as evidenced by the pursuit race victory for the RS600 of Richard Smith with Joe and Will second. Ralph and Ollie had a good scrap with Zach and Max just losing out after a bad tack up the last beat but held on for second overall.

    Thanks to all the team at Queen Mary who must have had a very cold weekend in the safety boats and on the committee boat.  Also thanks to the shore crew who made launching and coming ashore a real doddle given the strong offshore breeze.  Also I would like to thank Ollie for putting up with 4 races in the icy conditions just to humour his old man !!

    See you all at Rutland for the Spring Championships if Spring ever arrives !!!!!!!

    By Ralph Singleton (RS800 1166)







    RS Emergence of Seasons Open 24-25 February 2018
    Queen Mary Sailing Club
    Results are provisional as of 14:44 on February 25, 2018
    RS100 Fleet
    Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 3, Scoring system: Appendix A
    Rank Fleet Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 24/2 R2 24/2 R3 24/2 Pursuit 25/2 Total Nett
    1st RS100 RS100 8.4 154 Datchet Water SC Simon Geyman   -1 1 1 8.0 DNC 11 10
    2nd RS100 RS100 8.4 503 Royal Windermere Nick Heather   3 2 (4.0 RET) 8.0 RET 17 13
    3rd RS100 RS100 8.4 259 Frensham Pond SC Ian Gregory   2 (4.0 RET) 4.0 DNC 8.0 DNC 18 14
    RS200 Fleet
    Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 13, Scoring system: Appendix A
    Rank Fleet Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 24/2 R2 24/2 R3 24/2 Pursuit 25/2 Total Nett
    1st RS200 RS200 1642 Itchenor SC Maria Stanley Rob Henderson -1 1 1 2 5 4
    2nd RS200 RS200 1331 Salcombe SC Tom Ballantine Maddie 2 3 -6 4 15 9
    3rd RS200 RS200 1248 Wessex SC Peter Ballantine Emma Horn -11 4 3 10 28 17
    4th RS200 RS200 1373 Weirwood SC Paul Cullen Verity Hopkins -7 6 5 8 26 19
    5th RS200 RS200 1 TBC Steve Wilson Becky Wilson 3 (14.0 RET) 14.0 DNC 6 37 23
    6th RS200 RS200 1639 Itchenor SC Jack Holden Libby Watkins (14.0 RET) 2 2 28.0 DNC 46 32
    7th RS200 RS200 1347 Grafham Water SC David Jessop Sophie Mear -5 5 4 28.0 RET 42 37
    8th RS200 RS200 1635 Island Barn Reservoir SC Andrew Barnett Jo Lloyd 4 -11 7 28.0 RET 50 39
    9th RS200 RS200 974 Silverwing SC / Queen Mary SC Adam Wickenden Leslie Sarjantson 6 9 (14.0 DNC) 28.0 RET 57 43
    10th RS200 RS200 1025 Wembley SC Alex Beaney Hannah Liptrot / Szymon Matyjaszczuk 8 7 (14.0 RET) 28.0 RET 57 43
    11th RS200 RS200 1265 Queen Mary SC Julie Harrison Liz Birtles 9 8 (14.0 RET) 28.0 DNC 59 45
    12th RS200 RS200 1357 P SC Chris Rust Josie Kimber 10 10 (14.0 RET) 28.0 RET 62 48
    13th RS200 RS200 1653 Grafham Water SC Peter Hudson Adam Hudson (14.0 DNC) 14.0 DNC 14.0 DNC 28.0 DNC 70 56
    RS400 Fleet
    Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 27, Scoring system: Appendix A
    Rank Fleet Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 24/2 R2 24/2 R3 24/2 Pursuit 25/2 Total Nett
    1st RS400 RS400 1454 Llangorse SC Jon Heissig Nicky Griffin -10 7 2 2 21 11
    2nd RS400 RS400 1215 Queen Mary SC Francisco Lobato Teresa Lobato 3 2 (28.0 DNC) 10 43 15
    3rd RS400 RS400 1377 Oxford SC Sean Cleary Annalise Nixon -6 6 3 6 21 15
    4th RS400 RS400 1355 Warsash SC Robin Kirby Alex Horlock 9 9 (28.0 DNC) 4 50 22
    5th RS400 RS400 539 Queen Mary SC Mark Frodo Oakey Dan Gandalf Martin 7 8 (28.0 DNC) 8 51 23
    6th RS400 RS400 1414 Bartley SC Caroline Whitehouse Richard Ashwell 8 -10 6 12 36 26
    7th RS400 RS400 1203 Queen Mary SC Richard Gray Jon Dyas -14 12 4 16 46 32
    8th RS400 RS400 1435 Queen Mary SC Matt Sheahan Ellie Sheahan 12 -13 5 18 48 35
    9th RS400 RS400 1450 Bartley SC Nick Eaves Joe Ironside 17 15 (28.0 DNC) 22 82 54
    10th RS400 RS400 1469 TBC Jon Gorringe Emma McEwen 1 -3 1 56.0 DNC 61 58
    11th RS400 RS400 1385 TBC James Downer Jon Price 2 1 (28.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 87 59
    12th RS400 RS400 963 Wilsonian Adam Whitehouse Chris Bownes 5 4 (28.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 93 65
    13th RS400 RS400 741 Royal Ulster YC / Queen Mary SC Michael Ferguson Philip Adams 4 5 (28.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 93 65
    14th RS400 RS400 1342 Queen Mary SC Max Tosetti Naomi Moran (28.0 RET) 14 28.0 DNC 24 94 66
    15th RS400 RS400 1392 Queen Mary SC Chris Stanton Jules Thorne 19 (28.0 DNC) 28.0 DNC 20 95 67
    16th RS400 RS400 1398 Queen Mary SC Sarah Allen Gavin Stanley (28.0 RET) 28.0 DNC 28.0 DNC 14 98 70
    17th RS400 RS400 1189 Downs SC Steve Restall Chris Stubbs 11 11 (28.0 DNC) 56.0 DNC 106 78
    18th RS400 RS400 854 Weston SC/RORC Chris Brown Amber Brown (28.0 DNS) 28.0 RET 28.0 DNS 26 110 82
    19th RS400 RS400 1448 Silverwing SC Roger Bennett Sue Taylor 13 (28.0 DNC) 28.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 125 97
    20th RS400 RS400 1472 Island Barn Reservoir SC Douglas Clow Ian Hamilton 15 (28.0 DNC) 28.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 127 99
    21st RS400 RS400 680 Queen Mary SC Paul Browning Sel Shah 16 (28.0 DNC) 28.0 DNC 56.0 RET 128 100
    22nd RS400 RS400 1233 Queen Mary SC Nick Francis Simon Edwards 18 (28.0 DNC) 28.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 130 102
    23rd RS400 RS400 527 Warsash SC Andy Powell Roger Merino 20 (28.0 RET) 28.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 132 104
    24th RS400 RS400 1418 Queen Mary SC Howard Farbrother Louise Hosken (28.0 DNC) 28.0 DNC 28.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 140 112
    24th RS400 RS400 1184 Army Sailing Association Stuart Williams Joshua Crisp (28.0 DNC) 28.0 DNC 28.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 140 112
    24th RS400 RS400 1167 Queen Mary SC Robert Joce Isabel Joce (28.0 RET) 28.0 DNC 28.0 DNC 56.0 DNC 140 112
    24th RS400 RS400 1290 Queen Mary SC David Brown Rebecca Brown (28.0 DNC) 28.0 DNC 28.0 DNC 56.0 RET 140 112
    RS500 Fleet
    Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Entries: 1, Scoring system: Appendix A
    Rank Fleet Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 24/2 R2 24/2 Pursuit 25/2 Total Nett  
    1st RS500 RS500 659 Grafham Water SC Peter Curtis Sarah Humphrey -1 1 2 4 3  
    RS600 Fleet
    Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 4, Scoring system: Appendix A
    Rank Fleet Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 24/2 R2 24/2 R3 24/2 Pursuit 25/2 Total Nett
    1st RS600 RS600 8 Wilsonian SC Richard Smith   1 -3 2 2 8 5
    2nd RS600 RS600 648 Grafham Water SC Alistair Farman   -3 2 3 4 12 9
    3rd RS600 RS600 957 Shoreham/Bough Beech SC George Smith   -2 1 1 10.0 DNC 14 12
    4th RS600 RS600 904 Grafham Water SC Will Davies   (5.0 RET) 5.0 RET 5.0 DNC 10.0 RET 25 20
    RS700 Fleet
    Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 8, Scoring system: Appendix A
    Rank Fleet Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 24/2 R2 24/2 R3 24/2 Pursuit 25/2 Total Nett
    1st RS700 RS700 720 Stokes Bay SC/RNSA Richard Wadsworth   -1 1 1 2 5 4
    2nd RS700 RS700 945 Lymington Town SC Rich Lilley   2 3 (9.0 DNC) 4 18 9
    3rd RS700 RS700 1041 Queen Mary SC Matt Conner   3 -4 2 6 15 11
    4th RS700 RS700 991 HISC Theo Galyer   4 2 (9.0 DNC) 8 23 14
    5th RS700 RS700 808 HISC Spike Daniels   5 5 (9.0 DNC) 18.0 RET 37 28
    6th RS700 RS700 966 Lancing SC Matt Carter   (9.0 RET) 9.0 DNC 9.0 DNC 18.0 DNC 45 36
    6th RS700 RS700 758 Queen Mary SC Simon Hawes   (9.0 DNF) 9.0 DNC 9.0 DNC 18.0 DNC 45 36
    6th RS700 RS700 982 Queen Mary SC Roland Smith   (9.0 RET) 9.0 DNC 9.0 DNC 18.0 DNC 45 36
    RS800 Fleet
    Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 7, Scoring system: Appendix A
    Rank Fleet Class SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 24/2 R2 24/2 R3 24/2 Pursuit 25/2 Total Nett
    1st RS800 RS800 1194 Lyme Regis Joe Joyner Will Broom 2 1 (8.0 DNC) 2 13 5
    2nd RS800 RS800 1166 Datchet Water SC Ralph Singleton Oliver Singleton 1 -2 1 6 10 8
    3rd RS800 RS800 1200 Rydal Penrhos/Plas Heli SC Zachary Blomeley Maxwell Todd 3 4 (8.0 DNC) 4 19 11
    4th RS800 RS800 1062 Lyme Regis Cameron Moss Darrol Moss -5 3 2 8 18 13
    5th RS800 RS800 885 HISC Chris Feibusch Debbie Robertshaw 4 (8.0 DNC) 8.0 DNC 10 30 22
    6th RS800 RS800 1158 Warsash SC Edward Norbury Charlie Hutchings (8.0 RET) 8.0 DNC 8.0 DNC 16.0 RET 40 32
    6th RS800 RS800 1195 HISC Graham Williamson Jeremy Williamson (8.0 DNC) 8.0 DNC 8.0 DNC 16.0 RET 40 32


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